Promoting a Better Quality of Life and the

American Dream 

The Harlingen Community Development Corporation (HCDC) was created as a 501 (C) (3) private non-profit in 1990. HCDC is governed by a seven-member Board-of-Directors, and is managed by an Executive Director (Alfredo Huerta). Mr. Huerta has served as its Executive Director since 1991. HCDC is staffed with four full-time employees and professional associates,




As a team, HCDC headed by the Executive Director, HCDC long  successful history  partnering with various public and private entities financing single & multi-housing developments. HCDC  extensive experience obtaining and managing  HUD,  TDHCA, funded locally  through the disaster recovery assistance programs.  experience   managing private financing resources through various local, regional and National Intermediary non-profit groups.




 HCDC ability to access financial resources, providing affordable housing for lower & moderate income families , individuals,  increasing  area tax base of local & county governments. Most important HCDC has provide a “new beginning” through the development of Affordable Housing for a  significant population in our community.

Board of Directors 

Ronnie Garcia 

Ellie Ahumada 

Rose Mary

MAri Rivera

Cheryl Bailey 

Tina Puente

Ellie Barbee




HCDC’s Mission is to offer enhanced affordable homeownership and rental housing opportunities to families/ individuals,   financing and technical assistant to community-based groups and entrepreneurs in the City of Harlingen and the State of Texas. Our efforts have led the development of new communities, job creation &  retention, prevention of physical, economic, and social deterioration in inner city neighborhoods, and the improvement of quality of life. Our values consist of strong public-private partnerships, a commitment to excellence, and customer satisfaction.